Data and Cyber Insurance- Add On

Every record of personal data, payment information, or confidential corporate document is exposed to a data breach, as soon as it’s stored on a computer network. Such breaches, apart from being costly to restore can lead to loss of revenue, legal issues and major reputation damage. Comprehensive, affordable and simple, APRIL’s solution will help you […]


Legal Expense Coverage- Add On

APRIL Canada is pleased to offer Legal Expense Insurance as part of your Commercial Insurance Package. As a business owner, you face a variety of legal risks on a daily basis. From firing staff to disputes with suppliers, a legal issue can quickly arise, resulting in substantial losses to your business. Starting as low as $40 […]


Equipment Breakdown Coverage- Add On

A broken elevator, a failed cooling system, an inoperable computer network, or other equipment failures can be just as devastating to a business as a fire. Unfortunately, standard Fire or All Risk policies do not cover Equipment Breakdown. To address this incidental yet potentially severe exposure, APRIL Canada offers a comprehensive Equipment Breakdown package as […]