APRIL Canada was proud to do its bit for the Canada 150th Celebrations!!

As everyone knows, this year here in Canada we are celebrating Canada`s 150th anniversary with events all over the country. As part of these celebrations the worlds largest rubber duck was used in many towns. April Canada is proud to have been able to provide the insurance for the transportation of this duck in the […]

Cyber Insurance – Who is it for? And why?

In an evolving world where more than 3 million people have internet access, getting Cyber Insurance against cyber attacks is becoming a more important consideration. The world is changing very quickly, resulting in new ways of working and the diversification of risks. Furthermore, we are all witnessing a real amplification of cyber-attacks over the last few […]

Vacant Homes Insurance – how to get a quote more quickly

Getting a quote to insure a vacant building under renovation can be a lot of work. At April, you can get a vacant homes insurance quote very quickly with a few smart moves. There are many requests for quotes on vacant buildings undergoing minor renovations. In fact, it’s the most common request at APRIL. Each […]


Data breach: we’re all at risk!

Your employees gather personal information from customers, and your company stores this confidential information. Therefore, you are exposed to risk! These violations have targeted confidential data of a personal and commercial nature, exposing companies, employees, business partners and their customers to potential risks. All organizations are exposed to direct risks, such as the risk of […]


How Airbnb is changing the home insurance industry

Though it has seen a few setbacks of late – notably in a few major cities with strong hotel lobbies – the homestay industry pioneered by Airbnb and a few other firms looks poised to remain a major part of the commercial travel and tourism market. As more and more homeowners rent their houses, apartments, […]


APRIL’s guide for peace of mind this Christmas

Every year, Santa Claus waits for your letters and takes the time to read each one, but this time he also wanted to send you a little message. We hope you take the time to read it carefully. Press release For immediate distribution “I’m a professional just like you!” “Each year, I handle requests that […]


Home insurance — The five best tips insurance brokers can give their policyholders

As risk prevention specialists, brokers offer coverage that meets policyholder needs while also giving valuable advice. These tips can prevent a risk and significantly reduce any damage, as well as ensuring the compensation process has a satisfactory outcome. APRIL Canada has interviewed home insurance professionals to put together a list of the five best tips […]


Natural Disaster, Emergency … Are we Ready ?

On October 20, 2016 at 10:20am, Quebec and British Columbia are preparing to face ”The Great ShakeOut” Don’t panic! It’s only an international earthquake preparation exercise. APRIL Canada is participating in the Emergency Preparedness Week by emphasizing the importance of preparing ourselves in case of natural disaster, whether it’s a tornado, torrential rains or an […]


Better safe than sorry

Each quarter, our consultant Raymond offers his advice to help transport companies improve safety. Cell phone use while driving Demerit points on a PEVL file and accidents due to cell phone use while driving are frequent. Therefore, it is important to raise drivers’ awareness on this subject and have a written policy forbidding any driver to […]


Veterinarians should always double-check malpractice insurance

Many veterinarians across Canada go about their business with little difficulty, as things run relatively smoothly in the daily operations of their practices. However, things do occasionally tend to go wrong in unpredictable ways, and when they do, that can sometimes be construed by pet owners as being the result of malpractice. As such, it’s […]

Accidents happen, so freight brokers must be prepared

Across Canada, there are a large number of traffic accidents every day, and a fair number of them involve vehicles that are in some way involved in the process of shipping goods from one part of the country to another. This unfortunate reality is unavoidable, and it’s something that freight brokers know all too well. […]

Fire at Surrey used car lot creates massive problem

Across Canada, millions of small business owners, regardless of the field in which they operate, know that it’s vital to have a good insurance plan in place in the event of any number of potential issues. This is certainly true for used car dealerships, because of the value of the inventory they typically hold, and […]


Unexpected problems can lead to burst pipes, property damage

Across Canada, many homeowners and entrepreneurs know the problems that can be associated with cold weather. And while it’s easy to predict that winters can get very cold indeed, coupling that fact with other issues can lead to major problems for their properties. For instance, one area a few hours north of Toronto recently learned […]


Product recalls can be complicated for smaller companies too

Most small business owners know that having the right insurance coverage for their various and specific needs is crucial to the successful operation of their company. However, many also end up learning the hard way that the policies they’ve had for years may not be adequate to the needs that have evolved over time. As […]


Discover APRIL’s new solution: Prank Protection Plus !

Today is 1st April, the beginning of an important month for APRIL Canada, and the date where, in many countries, people participate in April Fools day.The 1st April is known as the day of creating elaborate pranks or hoaxes to fool others. Over the years, there have been many elaborate and fantastic hoaxes perpetrated on […]


APRIL Canada can help you with your Commercial Marine risks

Did you know that APRIL Canada has a commercial marine offering for brokers in answer to the expertise gap emerging within the market? Since August 2015, Claude Deslage has been heading up the new unit as the National Director of Commercial Marine. “We felt it was a good time for someone to come in and […]


Bind & Win an Apple Watch Sport!

During the month of April, we are saying “thank you” to our broker partners for their support. You can earn reward gifts based on the amount of new business that you place with APRIL this month.Starting at just two new policies bound in the month of APRIL, you will automatically be rewarded with aBluetooth Speaker. […]


Canadians see auto insurance costs shift based on address

Each year, millions of Canadians may be concerned with their auto insurance costs, and want to know all the factors that go into setting those premiums. While the obvious things like the make, model, age of the car, or the person’s driving record will obviously come into the picture, what many people might not know is […]


Canadian insurers should consider new way to decrease auto fatalities

Any traffic accident that results in a death is tragic, but when those accidents involve children, the results are even more shocking and sad. And unfortunately, these kinds of accidents are all too common in Canada and other parts of the world. Now, though, a Swedish company has developed an app aimed at reducing these […]


Worried about rising auto insurance costs? Write more speeding tickets

Across the country, millions of consumers may be worried about their rising auto insurance premiums over the last several years. However, some experts now believe that a better situation for all Canadian drivers could come if local police officers get a little more aggressive about punishing bad driving habits. And while this may or may not […]