Introducing David Page- our Product Recall Expert from Apollo Syndicate

I am delighted to have the opportunity to introduce myself and the Apollo Syndicate in general to APRIL’s broker audience through the newsletter. Apollo Syndicate 1969 commenced trading in January 2010 with the primary aim of building a first class privately owned underwriting platform operating at Lloyd’s. Since formation, Apollo has grown from an original […]

Looking to 2018 and beyond

Dear all, As summer draws to a close, I am sure that like me, many of you are busy ensuring that your goals for 2017 are on track whilst looking ahead to 2018 and beyond to ensure that your business remains relevant and preferred by your clients. Our world continues to be highly competitive and […]

Cyber Insurance – Who is it for? And why?

In an evolving world where more than 3 million people have internet access, getting Cyber Insurance against cyber attacks is becoming a more important consideration. The world is changing very quickly, resulting in new ways of working and the diversification of risks. Furthermore, we are all witnessing a real amplification of cyber-attacks over the last few […]

Happy Holiday Season from our CEO

Dear all, I wanted to take the opportunity this month to wish all our brokers, supporters and readers a happy holiday this summer. The second half of the year is in full swing, and we’re truly grateful for all your support so far this year. From our perspective, it’s been a very busy, but also […]

A note from our CEO- Announcing a new Regional Focus

Dear all, Last month I shared with you some thoughts around the diversity of our industry across Canada as we enter the broker conference season in Winnipeg as I’m writing this note. This has really got us thinking in our business, and led to some subtle but important changes that we’ve made in the last […]

A note from our CEO – Regional insurance conferences and local strategy

Dear all, Spring is upon us, and that means the start of the annual broker conference season! The Manitoba broker’s conference is fast approaching, with BC and Alberta coming up pretty quickly afterwards and then out to the Atlantic. My team and I really enjoy our attendance at all of the Provincial broker conferences each […]


Contest – Celebrate April with APRIL and win a $200 Visa gift card!

APRIL Canada is delighted to celebrate the month of April with an excellent and simple online promotion. Recommend APRIL to a colleague during the month of April and the 3 brokers identified as having referred the greatest number of correctly labeled online submissions will win a Visa gift card to the tune of $200. All you […]


Did you know that APRIL Canada insures Commercial Marine?

APRIL Canada writes the full spectrum of marine risks: spanning Hull & Machinery, Protection & Indemnity, Cargo, Marine Liability and Marinas. Our offer here can apply to your clients both large and small, and wherever they may be within Canada. Since the launch of the department headed up by Claude Deslage in 2015 APRIL has […]


Meet the Underwriter: Derek Cobby

I’m a small-town boy, born and raised in Southern Ontario and after college I ventured out West to see what Calgary had in store for me.   Like many of people in the Insurance Industry out there I sort of just fell into insurance; I found a job as a Marketing Rep for Canada Worldwide […]


A note from our CEO – See another side to APRIL Canada

Dear all, Last month here at APRIL we held another hugely successful annual company conference. You may have been aware of this by receiving an out of office from one of our underwriters in mid February. Whilst indeed it is a big commitment to reduce our service delivery for one day of the year, I […]


A note from our CEO – Building a network for our brokers

Dear all, This blog and newsletter has now been running for 1 year. In that time, it’s been by far the most subscribed, opened and read piece of communication that we produce, and it’s a pleasure to write every month. I try to cover a range of subjects relevant to our industry, and of course, […]


A note from our CEO – New Year’s resolutions

Dear all, I’ll start with a customary Happy New Year to all our brokers and partners in the market!  I hope you managed to spend the holiday season with your loved ones and recharge your batteries… 2017 is going to be another busy year! New years always give us the opportunity sit back, reflect and […]


A note from our CEO – Come together for a great 2017

Dear all, I hope that you are all well, and beginning the wind down to the holiday season. Whilst that is my hope, I’m sure that like me, you are all pushing hard right until the end of the year! I’m constantly impressed by the professionalism of this industry and the never-ending desire to ensure […]


A note from our CEO – Gaining a local insight

Dear all, I’m writing this note during what feels like a rare visit to my office in Toronto. October has been an extremely busy month including broker conferences in Halifax, Regina and most recently, Toronto – not to mention the more typical business travel and broker meetings that fit in-between these conferences somehow. In fact, […]


APRIL Canada – IBAO 2016 Contest

We are very excited to attend this year’s IBAO convention, and to meet all our broker partners. To add a little fun and let you get a chance to win an Apple Watch, we’ve created an online contest! How does it work? Simple: the more actions you complete; such as visiting our website, or interacting […]


We’ve improved our payment plans for homeowners

To help you protect your homeowner clients, we have improved our payment plans. Affordable, flexible and easy to susbscribe, those plans also allow you to include your fees to save you from any collection. You can now: Choose between 4 different plans to adapt to your clients needs Choose between 4 payment means Decide of the […]


Have you rated your MGAs yet?

Each year Insurance Business Canada asks you to rate your top MGA partners in Canada through the Brokers on MGAs survey. This survey is a great opportunity for us to better understand what you value and expect from an MGA, and for you to have your say on how MGAs could improve.  Please show your support […]


A note from our CEO – Moving forward to improve our service

Dear Brokers, I hope you have all enjoyed your summer, and managed to get some time away with friends and family. I spent some time back in the UK with my family and managed to get some fantastic R&R combined with a few days meeting our various Lloyds partners in London and a day in […]


A note from our CEO – Mid-year update

Dear all, I wanted to take the opportunity this month to wish all our brokers, supporters and readers a happy holiday this summer. We’ve been having some truly amazing weather over the last couple of months, and I hope that unlike me, you’ve managed to spend most of your time outdoors enjoying it! The second […]


Un mot de notre PDG – Ambition 2018

Le mois dernier, une partie de l’équipe dirigeante d’APRIL Canada et moi-même avons eu le plaisir de participer à la conférence annuelle du groupe APRIL qui se tenait au siège social à Lyon, en France. Le thème de cette année étant Ambition 2018, le plan stratégique de croissance du groupe pour les prochaines années. Cette conférence a […]


Better safe than sorry

Each quarter, our consultant Raymond offers his advice to help transport companies improve safety. Cell phone use while driving Demerit points on a PEVL file and accidents due to cell phone use while driving are frequent. Therefore, it is important to raise drivers’ awareness on this subject and have a written policy forbidding any driver to […]


You had an accident? No panic!

Life sometimes has nasty surprises in store for us and no one is immune to accidents. In Quebec, if anyone is injured, if there are damages caused by a collision or in the event of a criminal act, a police report is necessary. If no one is injured, it is possible to fill out a […]


A note from our CEO – Sharing our ambition with our broker partners

In the last month, I and some of the senior members of APRIL Canada had the pleasure to attend an annual conference at APRIL’s global head office in Lyon, France. This year the theme of the conference was the company strategy for growth in the coming years. It was a truly inspiring event. Not only were […]


Expand your marine portfolio!

Do you wish to expand your client portfolio by offering Pleasure Craft Insurance? APRIL Marine can help you.   Expert in the field of marine insurance for more than 40 years, APRIL Marine works with more than 15 000 broker partners worldwide; an essential partnership allowing us, among other things, to accompany the dream of […]


Risks of the month – From CGL to Medical Mal Practice

This month, rather than focusing on one particular risk, we decided to show you a range of our more varied risks across our commercial team. In the last month we have worked on the following: Commercial General Liability for an insured that manufactures railway products including freight car and locomotive parts. Site Environmental Impairment Liability […]


Reminding you about our Short Term Rental Solutions

This summer again, many Canadian homeowners will rent their home or apartment on a short-term basis through platforms such as AirBnB or HomeAway. Short term rentals have become more and more popular among property owners, but few landlords measure the actual risks involved: theft, property damage, personal liability. That is why we’re delighted to offer our […]


A note from our CEO – Welcome to APRIL’s new website

Dear partners, Over the last few weeks, you may have seen some communication about our new website. Better still, you are now visiting the site yourself! A lot of time and energy was put into this new website in an effort to ensure that it better reflects the current look and feel of our business, […]


More than 150 voices heard!

Have you recently been visited by APRIL Canada? Over the last three months, employees of APRIL Canada have been out to meet and listen to over 150 brokerage firms to get their views on the market, understand their strategies, and identify ways in which we can improve our business to help brokers achieve their goals. […]


A note from our CEO – APRIL’s loyalty program

Hello everyone, As always, I hope that this note finds you well, and that your businesses are thriving. This month, I wanted to share some news about how we have developed a loyalty scheme specifically for you, our broker partners, to build relationships and make us truly more broker centered. As I’ve mentioned before, we […]


APRIL launches a new Environmental Impairment Liability policy

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Environmental Impairment Liability (EIL) policy which enables brokers to offer comprehensive coverage for any pollution and environmental damage that may arise from a client’s properties and associated business activities. As environmental regulations tighten, business owners in all sectors are under increasing pressure to adopt green […]


Bind & win a Kindle Voyage

In May, we will be giving away a Kindle Voyage to the Broker who will bind the most Short Term rentals business in dollars with APRIL. To learn more about this home insurance solution, click here. If you have any question, please contact us at: Email: Phone: 1-855-745-1010 Good luck to all!


Bowling alley and arcade owners should review insurance needs

Bowling alleys, arcades, pool halls, and the like are fun places for people of all ages to meet and hang out for a while, but as with just about any other business, there’s a risk that something goes wrong. Accidents happen, as any small business owner knows, and those can sometimes create liability issues that […]

A note from our CEO – 04/04/2016

Dear all, As always, I hope this e-mail finds you well. I also hope that you enjoyed our April Fool`s joke last Friday about the launch of our new ‘Prank Protection Plus’. The team certainly enjoyed pulling it together! Whilst this was, of course, a light-hearted idea, we do take our product development activities very […]


Discover APRIL’s new solution: Prank Protection Plus !

Today is 1st April, the beginning of an important month for APRIL Canada, and the date where, in many countries, people participate in April Fools day.The 1st April is known as the day of creating elaborate pranks or hoaxes to fool others. Over the years, there have been many elaborate and fantastic hoaxes perpetrated on […]


Bind & Win an Apple Watch Sport!

During the month of April, we are saying “thank you” to our broker partners for their support. You can earn reward gifts based on the amount of new business that you place with APRIL this month.Starting at just two new policies bound in the month of APRIL, you will automatically be rewarded with aBluetooth Speaker. […]


Risk of the month – APRIL bound an interesting EIL policy!

Our risk of the month This month we bound a particularly interesting Environmental Impairment Liability (EIL) policy – including contractors Pollution Liability and Site Pollution Liability. This new coverage line for APRIL Canada, was placed for a company in Southern Alberta that has a mobile system for applying different types of treatments and coatings to seeds […]


APRIL Canada launches a new manufacturing insurance

Canadian manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers have experienced consistent growth driven by a strong economy. To place their products on retailers’ shelves they are also required to carry their own property and liability insurance. APRIL Canada is proud to introduce a new manufacturer’s insurance product to specifically answer these needs. Kent Pitkin National Director Commercial at […]