Canada has a vested interest in protecting our environment both locally and globally. Our continuously changing legislation is evidence that business owners must take their responsibility seriously, as an environmental disaster could also lead to a financial one.

APRIL`s Pollution Liability policies are designed to respond to the potential environmental and pollution damage arising from business activities. We can offer products to cover both site and contractor`s liability across a wide range of industry sectors.  

Target Clients

  • Manufacturing

  • Logistics

  • Port terminals

  • Waste

  • Metal Industries

  • Traditional Power Generation

  • Renewable Energy

  • Oil & Gas

  • Real Estate / Property Investors

  • Hotels and Leisure

  • Marinas

  • Vehicle Repair / Garage / Depots

  • Airports

  • General Contractors 


  • Transportation Services 
  • Oilfield Services 
  • Contaminated Land Remediation
  • Contractors and Consultants; 
  • Demolition and Excavation Contractors
  • Single Projects
  • Storage Tanks (some exclusions apply)


Not Eligible

  • HVAC/ Mediation/ Asbestos/ Mould Contractors
  • Oil & Gas Wells and Oil/ Fuel Delivery
  • Pipelines
  • Mining
  • Landfills

Coverage features

  • Designed to respond to broad and changing environmental law
  • Pollution can be of a Sudden or Gradual nature
  • Third-party Claims for:
    • Bodily Injury
    • Property Damage
    • Clean-up Costs
  • Emergency costs (where the named insured must respond to a pollution incident)
  • Claims expenses covered under all sections, including investigation and legal defence
  • For Contractor’s liability:
    • Transportation activities included as part of contracting operations
    • Coverage based on contracting operations selected by the insured
    • Completed operations extensions available
  • For Site liability:
    • Clean-up and Restoration Costs, where the insured’s property is damaged responding to an incident 
    • Transportation activities, including loading/unloading and cargo at rest for up to 48 hours
    • Liability for damage to natural resources/biodiversity is provided as standard
  • For Storage Tank Liability:
    • Loading and unloading
    • Extension available for punitive damages where allowable by law
    • Extension available to meet lender/mortgagee requirements

Underwriting considerations

  • $30 million maximum limits
  • Minimum $5,000 deductible
  • For Contractors liability
    • Claims made policy (occurrence available for Project policies)
    • Single project policies available on an owner controlled basis (whereby all interested parties are named)
    • Maximum periods:
      • Claims made annual – 36 months + extended reporting
      • Project policies up to 10 years + extended reporting
  • For Site’s liability
    • Claims made trigger
    • Maximum periods up to 5 years plus extended reporting
    • Flexibility in site coverage choice
  • For Storage Tank Liability:
    • Underground or above ground
    • Up to $5million limits
    • Minimum $750 premium
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