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To help businesses deal with the development of COVID-19 in Canada, the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) is making available to members a guide developed by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can APRIL’s insurance coverage include a drop in the insured’s business?

Depending on the options chosen, the insured’s insurance coverage can cover a wide range of claims such as loss of income, additional expenses, property and your clients’ liability for any damage that may be caused to third parties in the course of their business. Loss of income is covered only to the extent that it results from a loss insured under the policy.


Business interruption coverage in the event of a pandemic is not offered by insurance companies, as it is in the case of a nuclear accident or war.

My insured has a difficult financial situation and wants to cancel his insurance policy. What can I suggest?

We all hope that construction activities will resume in the coming weeks.However, we believe that it is necessary to maintain (at a minimum) liability coverage if the insured wishes to temporarily reduce their insurance coverage. The insured will then always be covered in case of a claim whose cause is related to his previous work, etc.

What recommendations can we give to our contractors, as construction is being shut down?

All construction projects are facing challenges during the pandemic. In order to best manage these challenges, construction clients need to ensure necessary steps are taken to address each specific project and that the appropriate risk mitigation practices are in place.


Here are some recommendations construction clients should take in order to keep worksites safe:


– Sites where there is a commitment by the insured to be fenced must be fenced. Entrances must also be locked.


– For sites without on-site security, it is suggested to install remote surveillance cameras.


– The temporary heating must be shut off and all flammable and combustible materials must be removed.


– Valuable equipment that is not permanently installed should be stored in locked trailers or completely removed from the site.


– It is important to reduce the risk of water damage by closing the main valve.

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